Out of all the main characters, none says fun and rediculous quite like Gandhi. This hyperactive party animal buckled under the

Gandhi on his cell

pressure of living up to the original Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi can just never sit still. Wether it is sticking fries up his nose for laughs or kicking it with his dance troup, the Solid Gandhi Dancers he is always up to something. He is always hanging out with his best friend Abe and Joan.

In A.D.D.: The Last 'D' Is for Disorder we learn that the reason why Gandhi can never sit still is because he has ADD and ADHD. Although he gets regected for it at first with the help of Abe and Tom Green the other clones accept Gandhi once again.

According to Gandhi in the first episode Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand we learn that Gandhi used to be Cleo's foster brother until she convinced Cleo's Drunk Foster Mom that he wasn't good enough for her image and was kicked out of their house, even though he gave Cleo a kindey, making Gandhi's Remaining Kidney rather lonely. Now Gandhi's Foster Parents are a pair of sereotypical jewish couple.

Gandhi was the most controvertial character on the show and actually lead to the show's Cancelation.

Gandhi was voiced by Micheal McDonald
How could i be embaressed by a friend

How could i be embaressed by a friend