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Ponce de Leon shows up in only one episode Litter Kills: Litterally and gets gruesomely killed off a little ways into it. In the episode, Ponce appears to be JFK's best friend and the most popular boy in school even though he was not mentioned in any episode before Litter Kills: Litterally. Ponce and JFK have a fight when walking through school grounds. JFK Storms of in a huff and before Ponce can stop him. Joan shows up and begs him to stop littering to which he reply's "What Joan? is litter going to kill me?" Which it does a second later. Ponce does show up again later in the episode as a figment of JFK's imagination.

Ponce is also referenced in a Subliminal Message during the ninth episode, "Raisin the Stakes: A rock opera in three acts", during the song "Higher". The message is overlaid on JFK and reads, "I buried Ponce".

The original Ponce de Leon was a famous explore who was known for his obession to find the fountain of youth. This does actually make an appearance in the show when he tries to explain to JFK that "you have to live every day like it is your last because there is no fountain of youth."

Luke Perry provided the voice of Ponce. Ponce's character is very similar to that of the Fonz from Happy Days.