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Vincent van Gogh's only real main role in the show is in the first episode Escape to Beer Mountain: A Rope of Sand. Although Van Gogh makes a number of other random appearances throughout the season.

Van Gogh appears at first when he calls the Teen Crisis Hotline and explains about how hard his life is and that how misunderstood he is. (The original Van Gogh was just as misunderstood but Clone high exploits it to make Van Gogh look comically nerdy) Unknown to Van Gogh, Gandhi was on the other line and had him on speaker phone for a group of other clones at JFK's party. Van Gogh becomes extremely embarrassed when he finds out and wants revenge. Later in the episode Joan pantses Gandi and steals his boxers. Although Gandhi thinks no one was around to see it in the bushes was Van Gogh who says "Yes no one indeed." His revenge comes at the end of the episode where he paints a mural for the Teen Crisis Hotline that looks like the original Van Gogh's famous painting "Starry Night" except with a picture of Gandhi saying "No problem too small!".

Van Gogh is voiced by Andy Dick.